Alberta; The Only Smart Cookie in Canada.

Imagine you move to a new country with a new time-zone and different routines, after living home for a long time, and then after a week when you’ve started to adapt to it, you go back to your home country for a week. Then, you go back to the new country, where you stay for a another week, then go back to your homeland for a long time. That would mess with your system pretty bad, huh? This is the case with many of us students, where the home land is school and the new country is a break. Sure, our time-zones don’t change but with breaks at random times, we get used to sleeping in and begin adapting to a stay-at-home routine, and it’s hard adapting back. Something like summer vacation, or winter break, they are huge breaks for a period of time. After those breaks, there are a few months of learning at school. But in March, you don’t get the chance to have all your breaks at the same time. Instead, it takes a toll on the productivity, and routines of the student. After one-week away from school, the student is used to staying at home, sleeping in, eating at different times, and working at different times. But then, school starts. Now, this is okay if it gave students time to adapt, but it doesn’t, instead, after just one week, we get another break for the Easter holiday, and again; it disrupts our normal routines. It is terrible for the student to be taking these sudden changes, and eventually it does affect the students mentality and productivity with work! Students are not ready to work, and are slacking off for one week (which is the average time needed to adapt). One week is long enough, but since there are two separate breaks, students take two weeks in total to adapt after March. Also, students no longer try in school because before the a break, they rush things; looking forward to the break. The same is done once again for the Easter break! It would be so much better if we were just given a two-week March break near Easter. This way, we get our break, and we get to celebrate Easter. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t kill anyone to hold back our normal March break for one week, so we can have just a two-week vacation, then time to adapt back to school, learn for a couple more months, then summer vacation. In all of Canada, only one province has thought of this and has just one spring break during March. Looks like Alberta is the only smart cookie out of the rest of the provinces in Canada.