Are YOU Ready To Drive?

There are a couple of steps you must go through to pass. But now, we’re talking about the actual driving test. Now, many of you think “Oh, it’s easy, all you do is put your seatbelt on and drive” but trust me, it’s not so easy going. Sure, the driving may be easy, but there are many other things the instructor looks at.They look at things like steering, acceleration, braking, latch/gear, speed, following, distance, traffic, control devices, stopping position, lane selection, lane position, communication, observation, anticipation and reaction to others. You can’t be accelerating too fast, or making the ride rough. The ride has to go smooth, the same goes for your braking. It has to be a soft stop,to help you with this, you can use my trick. Back when I took the test, I always imagined as if there was a full cup of coffee on my dashboard, and I would accelerate and brake just smooth enough for the coffee not to spill all over my car. One of my biggest issues at that time was distance. This is a key component! Alot of people don’t know this. but when driving, you are required to keep at least a 4 meter distance from the car in front of you. Don’t make the same mistake I did! Remember to chose your lanes, position and surroundings wisely! You don’t want to drive in the bus lane, this will not only slow you down, but can also earn you a ticket! Don’t get nervous! That always makes you forget things! Just remember that you made it past the written test, and that you know what you’re doing. Now lucky for you guys, my aunt is an examiner so I am able to provide you with some inside information. Keep in mind, to stop behind stop lines and check for blind spots. A rookie mistake is sucking up! Don’t be overly friendly with the examiner and don’t try to engage in too much small talk. They will think that you’re hiding something. But overall, just breathe and believe in yourself! I’m sure you can do it, remember that you always have another chance! For more practice, I suggest to either pretend at home, practice, or use a simulator.