The World of Pinterest

The World of Pinterest

Pinterest? You may be thinking, well this is one of Tumblr’s biggest competitions! “Pinterest” is basically like a virtual bulliten board where users are allowed to create boards to share events, opinions, pictures, etc. They can chose what category to put there information in. This website is fairly easy and helps users learn about how they can do things with reminders and steps. It has straight-foreward labels, but it can be a bit tricky navigating or using for people who aren’t used to it. For example, it will tell you about your boards, etc. But if someone doesn’t blog regularly, how will they know the concept of pinterest or what a board is? Other than those small flaws, Pinterest has a nice, user-friendly interface. I myself actually have set up my own board on pinterest. It’s titled “Things I Find Funny.” I set it up because there is so much on the internet that lightens my mood during sad times, and I would like to share that with people. I usually post things I find interesting, and really funny content.

Pinterest is a great site, and it offeres you things to feed your interests! There so much in it ad you will definately have fun browsing around! To get started, simply go to the website, sign up, and from there, everything is simple.

Good Luck! =]


7 comments on “The World of Pinterest

  1. its good and amazing! I love this blog tash-had! Very descriptive and nice. I liike the layout of the blog and article overall. I could tell you put in a lot of effort! I would actually read your blogs on my own time, great job tash-had!

  2. It seems like a cool site to blog on:) i have an account on it too, and it is a very easily understandable site:) i love your blog and keep on blogging:)

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