A World of Oppurtunities

There is so much to do in this world! There is a job for basically everything, and with intent and belief, you will be able to work in your dream job, as a grown up! Well me? I want to be a police officer. Of course, there are challenges along the way. The biggest one being parents. Growing up, I heard a lot of “Tash-had, you can follow your dream, be anything you want to be in life! So doctor or engineer?” Sure, those seem like fun jobs, but seriously, a doctor? Looking at bodies all day, yeah yeah, you get paid a buck-load, but for what? Wasting your life as a grown up, looking at people. It’s helpful and all, but no fun. And engineer, there are 7 billion people on this planet. Now imagine how many people would want to be an engineer. It would be very competitive, and lots of work once you finally get a job. But now, back to my point. A police officer gets respect from everyone, I mean, have you seen the cars on the road? As soon as a cop car passes, suddenly you see the brake lights flash, and everyone is driving as if they follow the law consistently. You get an adrenaline rush everyday, you get all the cars to move out of your way, and you are basically a role model and a hero. Joining law enforcement would be so fun, and would feel like a real-life video game. Now THAT is awesome! All this for what? Oh just a minor in law, and you’re in! You need to go through lots of training, but it’s all worth it in the end! I mean imagine going up to a girl/boy and going “Oh hey….yeah so, I’m a cop” – BEST PICK-UP LINE EVER!

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To learn more on how to be a cop, Google “How to be a cop in [insert your city here]”
Good Luck! 🙂


The World of Pinterest

The World of Pinterest

Pinterest? You may be thinking, well this is one of Tumblr’s biggest competitions! “Pinterest” is basically like a virtual bulliten board where users are allowed to create boards to share events, opinions, pictures, etc. They can chose what category to put there information in. This website is fairly easy and helps users learn about how they can do things with reminders and steps. It has straight-foreward labels, but it can be a bit tricky navigating or using for people who aren’t used to it. For example, it will tell you about your boards, etc. But if someone doesn’t blog regularly, how will they know the concept of pinterest or what a board is? Other than those small flaws, Pinterest has a nice, user-friendly interface. I myself actually have set up my own board on pinterest. It’s titled “Things I Find Funny.” I set it up because there is so much on the internet that lightens my mood during sad times, and I would like to share that with people. I usually post things I find interesting, and really funny content.

Pinterest is a great site, and it offeres you things to feed your interests! There so much in it ad you will definately have fun browsing around! To get started, simply go to the website, sign up, and from there, everything is simple.

Good Luck! =]